how to achieve your weight loss goal

Sticking to your weight loss goals are among the hardest things that you can do. Becoming a personal trainer would be the ideal solution to get yourself motivated but hiring a weight loss personal trainer is somehow easier to follow. Or the strict regimes 6 week challenges are also maintainable. But if you workout at home, then it is hard to keep yourself motivated. A good tip to follow when trying to lose weight is that you should reward yourself every once in a while. This will make you look forward to sticking to your routine and you can indulge your inner shopaholic! Visit the body transformation weight loss challenge for rapid weight loss results.

Buy new fitness gear: No matter what your workout routine, you almost definitely need fitness gear. When you see yourself working out regularly, buy yourself some new track pants, or running shoes etc.

Draw up a strict routine and reward yourself at intervals: If you workouts at home, then you alone are responsible for your fitness routines. Consult a dietician to determine the appropriate fitness goals you ought to set. Now divide it into time bound goals. This will give you a time frame. Reward yourself each time you achieve your goal. This will keep you enthusiastic about working out! Most fitness courses recommend this practice when they teach people how to become a fitness instructor.

Indulge in some guilty pleasure: If you want to lose weight, or achieve a certain level of fitness, you will need incentives to work towards it. After achieving a particularly difficult goal, indulge yourself a little! Book yourself a day at the spa or buy an outfit to show off your hard work!

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Splurge: Halfway through your weight loss program, you may start losing interest. But you must stay vigilant! If you see your interest sagging, just go out and splurge on something that you’ve had your eye on for some time. Or sneak in a decadent dinner with your loved ones! But don’t fall off the weight loss bandwagon!

Buy new songs: If you want to give yourself small rewards every once in a while, but don’t want to spend a lot of money each time, try buying or downloading new music. Refreshing your playlist will keep you interested in working out and it will act as an incentive as well.

No matter what the reward, the end result should be that you have achieved your fitness goals. As any weight loss challenge would advice, it is your health and self discipline that is the real reward of your fitness regime.

Personal Training with Kettlebells vs Dumbbells

Kettlebell Training Vs Dumbbells

Two of the most common workout equipment is the trusted dumbbells and kettlebells. Both of these have been around for years and each has its own merits and die-hard fans. However, when it comes to selecting any one of them for your routine workouts, you will definitely want to know which out of these two is more effective and suitable.

The truth is that there are no clear demarcations about the efficacy of these equipments. Both have their unique applications and you must select between a kettlebells course and working out with dumbbells depending on your fitness needs.

Kettlebells are Best for Dynamic Movements

Kettlebells really are the king when you are looking for explosive, killer movements that offer maximum impact in minimum time. If you are aiming for powerlifting or want to improve your stamina for a forthcoming sports event that demands physical endurance; kettlebells are your best bet.

Typical kettlebell motions such as swings, snatches, clean, Turkish get-ups and so on involve several major and minor muscle groups along with significant movements in different directions. The workouts also boost the heart rate and enhance fat burning, providing your body with the best benefits of cardiovascular workout and strength training.

Kettlebells are Best for Mixing your Workouts

You can try a personal training course with kettlebell training if you are sick and tired of doing the same burpees and lifting the same weights. In fact, kettlebells can be conveniently used as part of any free hand workout session, making them ideal for boot camps or group training without any fancy equipment. They are more effective as compared to running or cardios and helps the body torch more calories within the same time and effort.

Kettlebells prepare you for More Complex Exercises

Kettlebells are heavy and you can injure yourself easily if you don’t follow the correct postures and motions. Doing kettlebell workouts therefore compels you to improve your overall posture, grip and motions. You learn the basics of exercising correctly and this helps you take on complex movements later on or to work with more complicated equipments.

Kettlebells make your Sessions more Challenging

Kettlebells provide more instability as compared to dumbbells. This is good as it improves your flexibility, reflex and balance. Add to that the weight of the equipment and it can be really challenging to complete your kettlebell training sessions. Unlike dumbbells which are easier to handle, lifting and moving kettlebells requires both strength and balance which makes the workouts tougher and more compelling.

Dumbbells are Great for Basic Workouts kettlebell and dumbbell

Dumbbells are one of the most basic workout equipment and they are great for honing most of your fundamental moves. You can use them to add more challenge to your everyday squats, rows, shoulder press or chest press. Most of the moves with dumbbells are very simple, basic and easy for everybody to follow. There are no complex swings or snatches involved.

Dumbbells are Ideal for Newbies

Given the fact that most dumbbell moves are basic and easy to follow, these are just ideal for those who have never worked before. The workouts are low intensity in nature and most suitable for the aged or unfit who cannot do more demanding workouts.

Personal Trainer Marketing Tips

Getting more clients for your personal training business is a constant challenge that all personal trainer and fitness instructors face. It is important to use various online marketing strategies to attract new clients and sell your skills to them

Word of mouth

This is the most common and widely used fitness marketing tool that is often overlooked by many. There is no better marketing tool than having an existing client advertise your services to procure new members for your services. This is the precise reason why you must keep your existing clients happy with your services and occasionally reward their loyalty by giving them goodies, discounts, schemes and free training sessions.


Ask your existing clients to get new memberships and reward them for it. Many personal trainers come up with such schemes and organize competitions. This encourages clients to advertise your services and get new clients. For every referral that they make, they can be awarded with loyalty points which they can redeem for a gift or for free training sessions.


The internet can be a great way to find new clients, particulary Google and Bing. Fitness SEO is big business for those who know search engine optimization.

Why it is important to learn how to “Clean and Press” with a personal trainer

Bondi is located in the south eastern part of Sydney. There are several health studios and group personal training Bondi in this suburb which offer varied fitness workouts to suit every person. A Personal Trainer helps in guiding and enabling individuals to build a healthy lifestyle. Clean and Press is one of the most popular workouts and exercises most of the major muscles of the body. This broadly includes the legs, trapezius, back and shoulder muscles and helps in developing muscle mass chiefly in the shoulders.

A clean and press exercise is done by making use of a bar gripped overhand. This workout is a step by step process and must be done meticulously. A Bondi fitness trainer explains the way the exercise must be done. With hands spread apart according to the width of the shoulder and in a squat position the bar must be held. Putting weight on the legs, the bar needs to be lifted with arms, looking straight up, to the height of the shoulder. The bar then needs to be lifted above the head and thereafter the process reversed. Bondi personal trainers recommend clean and press as an effective workout for building muscles.

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The need for a personal trainer is imperative because a wrong move could result in an injury to the shoulder or back. It becomes necessary for a person over 40 years to approach a doctor first before commencing strenuous workouts. Also, perfecting the form is important before indulging in the exercise else one would invite physical trouble. There are a few tips that a personal trainer provides. The hips should be moved forward in the same rate the shoulders are driven upwards so as to ensure a clean lift. The bar must be kept close to the body while lifting; this reduces the stress on the spine. The right way to inhale and exhale during workouts is equally important. Regular breathing with forceful exhalation while lifting and continuous inhalation while lowering the bar is important. The personal trainer in Bondi monitors the physical fitness of the person who wants to do a clean and press. A personal trainer on an average could charge up to $80 per hour of training.

All in all, muscle building workouts are necessary to make a person strong and big; clean and press promises to do this. The guidance of a personal trainer Bondi is important to workout both effectively and safely.