Why it is important to learn how to “Clean and Press” with a personal trainer

Bondi is located in the south eastern part of Sydney. There are several health studios and group personal training Bondi in this suburb which offer varied fitness workouts to suit every person. A Personal Trainer helps in guiding and enabling individuals to build a healthy lifestyle. Clean and Press is one of the most popular workouts and exercises most of the major muscles of the body. This broadly includes the legs, trapezius, back and shoulder muscles and helps in developing muscle mass chiefly in the shoulders.

A clean and press exercise is done by making use of a bar gripped overhand. This workout is a step by step process and must be done meticulously. A Bondi fitness trainer explains the way the exercise must be done. With hands spread apart according to the width of the shoulder and in a squat position the bar must be held. Putting weight on the legs, the bar needs to be lifted with arms, looking straight up, to the height of the shoulder. The bar then needs to be lifted above the head and thereafter the process reversed. Bondi personal trainers recommend clean and press as an effective workout for building muscles.

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The need for a personal trainer is imperative because a wrong move could result in an injury to the shoulder or back. It becomes necessary for a person over 40 years to approach a doctor first before commencing strenuous workouts. Also, perfecting the form is important before indulging in the exercise else one would invite physical trouble. There are a few tips that a personal trainer provides. The hips should be moved forward in the same rate the shoulders are driven upwards so as to ensure a clean lift. The bar must be kept close to the body while lifting; this reduces the stress on the spine. The right way to inhale and exhale during workouts is equally important. Regular breathing with forceful exhalation while lifting and continuous inhalation while lowering the bar is important. The personal trainer in Bondi monitors the physical fitness of the person who wants to do a clean and press. A personal trainer on an average could charge up to $80 per hour of training.

All in all, muscle building workouts are necessary to make a person strong and big; clean and press promises to do this. The guidance of a personal trainer Bondi is important to workout both effectively and safely.